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Do you want to have a snug and warm winter? We want that for you too!

C.N.I Firewood is a local family owned and operated business that endeavours to supply a variety of high-quality firewood in the Central North Island. 

With over 30+ years of logging/forestry experience we are familiar with the industry and resourced to also fell and process wood lots.

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  • Turangi
  • Motuoapa
  • Motutere
  • Hatepe
  • Waitahanui
  • Taupo
  • Kinloch
  • Tihoi
  • Tokaanu
  • Pukawa
  • Omori
  • Kuratau
  • Taumarunui
  • National Park
  • Waiouru

Have further questions or concerns?

If you require any more information, or if you would like to arrange a delivery, please do not hesitate to contact Sid or Tarns using any of the methods listed below or simply order online here.

020 4167 5164 (Sid)
020 4096 6483 (Tarn)


The Product

About the wood

What is a cubic meter of firewood?
A cubic meter of firewood is measured as a 1m by 1m by 1m cube that is filled with hand-thrown firewood.
We can deliver from 2m3 up to 6m3 at one time
Where is our wood sourced from?
Most of the wood we process is either from local forestry blocks that have not made the top export-grade or from mature shelterbelt removal. This wood is therefore sustainably sourced and carbon neutral.

We have 30+ years of logging/forestry experience so we can also fell and process wood lots. Please contact us to discuss.

What wood should I burn for firewood?

Well-seasoned firewood burns hotter, more cleanly, and lights more easily then greener wetter wood. Put simply, saying that wood has been “seasoned” means that it has been left out to dry for a long period of time, so the moisture from the tree cells and its sap have evaporated from the wood.

Each wood has its own characteristics and vary in terms of how easily they are to light, how much heat they put out, how fast or slow the wood burns, and how sparky the wood is.

Blue Gum:

Blue gum or Eucalyptus is a very hot burning firewood. It sometimes takes longer to dry but burns very hot. It is often better to use blue gum in combination with other firewood to keep your fire burning well. Blue gum has the best heat output of all firewood. 

Douglas fir:

Probably the best conifer for firewood, Douglas fir has a medium heating value and does not produce too much ash. Older trees are easy to split and easy to start. Fir does produce a moderate amount of sparking.


The higher density Larch is suitable to burn in most closed log burners. It lights easily and burns longer and hotter than the softer pine however mixes well with all woods. It is not suitable for open fires and the resin content in the Larch does make it spit a lot. A good all round wood.

Hotmix – Poplar with Blue gum:

Soft woods such as poplar and willow are very porous and light. They give a great roaring flame and can be excellent at starting a fire but they don’t last long and you may end up constantly fuelling your fire. Our hotmix is a combination of hard and slow burning wood. It is our most common wood as it provides fast starting and a long burning fire.  

Native block wood:

Difficult to source and superior of all firewoods, Native burns hot and long. Ideal for mixing.

What is the best method to store my firewood?

Basically in a purpose built  firewood area with a good throughput of air.

Can I simply put a tarpaulin over my firewood to store it?

This would suffice very much in the short term but not for a long term solution.

If I store my firewood in my garage will it continue to dry?

It will continue to dry albeit very slowly, ideally it should be kept in a covered over firewood area where it will dry much better with a throughput of air to it

The Service

About the process


Cash, Direct bank deposit, After Pay
Once your order has been confirmed for delivery, payments are to be made before delivery of the product if paying by After Pay or Bank Transfer. If paying by cash, please have payment ready upon delivery.

Can I pay “cash on delivery”?

Yes, but please call at the time of order so our driver understands the process 

WINZ Quotes?
Yes. Contact us to arrange a WINZ quote.
When will my order be delivered?

Once your order has been placed, we will contact you to arrange a time for delivery. 
Once confirmed you will know the estimated day/time of the delivery so you can have the space ready.
Unfortunately, we do not offer stacking services at this time.

Where do you deliver?

✦ Turangi
✦ Motuoapa
✦ Waitahanui
✦ Hatepe
✦ Motutere
✦ Tokaanu
✦ Omori
✦ Puakawa
✦ Kuratau
✦ Taupo
✦ Taumarunui
✦ National Park
✦ Waiouru

Other destinations, please contact us for a quote

Do I need to be home for delivery?

Not at all. We suggest placing a tarp out where you want the wood placed. If you have paid by direct deposit you are good to go. If paying by cash, we will arrange for a place to leave the payment. Unfortunately, if payment is not made, we can’t deliver the firewood.

I live down a dirt track or my driveway is difficult to get to, can I still get a delivery?

If a truck can get get down your driveway it should be ok, it is better to give us a call to discuss prior to ordering if you have experienced issues prior or you have concerns 

Do you have free delivery?

We deliver firewood for free within Turangi. Please use the delivery calculator on the checkout page to determine the cost of delivery in your area. Delivery Cost and Mileage to other areas (return) :

  • Kinloch – 142kms (2hrs) = $120
  • Waiouru – 124.8kms (1hr 32 mins) = $90
  • Tihoi – 129kms (1hr 30mins) = $105
  • Taumarunui – 132.6kms  (1hr 42 mins) = $110
  • Taupo – 99.8kms (1hr 28 mins) = $95
  • National Park / Chateau -110ks (1hr 8 mins) = $90
  • Waitahanui – 73.2kms (1hr) = $60
  • Whareroa – 64kms (52 mins) = $55
  • Hatepe – 60.8kms (50 mins) = $50
  • Rotoaira – 40.4kms (32 mins )  = $30
  • Kuratau – 45.6kms – (36 mins) = $35
  • Motutere – 37.2kms (30 mins) = $30
  • Omori / Pukawa – 28kms (28 mins) = $25
  • Tauranga Taupo, Te Rangiita, Mission Bay = $20
  • Waitetoko – 14kms  (28 mins) = $24
  • Motuoapa – 20km (18 mins) = $15
  • Tokaanu – 12km (10 mins) = $10

Fast Delivery

We deliver firewood around Lake Taupo and further

High Quality

We provide clean dry firewood

Personal Service

We are happy to help you with any enquiries

We have your covered. Firewood can be ordered by the cube or m3

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